Since commencing as a professional investor in the Biotechnology and Medical Technology sector in 2013, HB Biotechnology’s Managing Director has generated superior returns for clients relative to all appropriate market indices.

Harper Bernays has a track record of delivering superior risk-adjusted investment returns against appropriate benchmarks for its clients for over 30 years.  Central to its success has been, together with selecting high quality underlying investments underpinned by extensive research and a bottom-up, stock picking approach to portfolio construction, a rigorous adherence to Board mandated risk management rules.

HB Biotechnology has been structured with a view to continuing to provide superior risk adjusted returns to its clients. For more details on investment performance and portfolio returns, please contact us.


Our accommodations can include, among other things, personal taxation issues, ethical constraints, required cash reserves from time to time etc.  Performance outcomes are therefore, unique. We call this optimising outcomes at the client level.

Discretionary Management

Whilst we always comply with our clients’ needs and requests, we are a discretionary Funds Manager.  However long term performance data from our sister company, Harper Bernays, proves that clients who give us full discretion achieve the best after tax returns.